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Many are the reasons why a dental crown might be needed, at The Tooth Inc we partner with several labs to bring you the best quality. For your convenience same day delivery and placement is available.

Dental Cleanings

Keeping your appointments twice a year for your cleanings, maintains your smile healthy and beatiful. Prevent any decay from happening and schedule your appointment today at The Tooth Inc.

Dental Sealants

When your teeth are covered by dental sealants it is possible to prevent tooth decay before it ever begins. At The Tooth Inc we use the best material to insure that you are protected against decay.

Dental Exam

The first step in keeping a great health smile is to chedule your appointment for a complementary dental exam at The Tooth Inc.

Call us today in order to reserve your spot at (520) 257 5398.

Digital Dental X-Rays

By providing immediate feedback with our digital x-ray system, it is possible for the doctors at The Tooth Inc to diagnose and treat your dental needs that same visit.

Root Canals

The best root canal is the one that is not performed, but if you are looking for help, trust The Tooth Inc to back you up. Let us help make an inform decision by providing all the solutions available.

Dental Fillings

Los empastes dentales son una gran solución para corregir las cavidades existentes y evitar que avancen. Ser tratado a tiempo permite evitar mayores dolores y costos en el futuro.

Dental Prostheses

One of the solutions available for the restoration of your smile are dental prostheses. Partials, bridges and dentures are only some of the options that we can offer to you at The Tooth Inc.


An orthodontic treatment designed specially for you can improve various aspects of your smile. Let us create a treatment tailored to your specific needs, call for an appointment today.

Teeth Whitening

A great way to enhance your smile is by brightening it up with a whitening treatment at The Tooth Inc, call us to schedule your appointment today.

Dental Implants

The Tooth Inc knows that when it comes to replacing your missing teeth it is important that they look and feel as natural as possible like your own. Find out if dental implants are right for you.


Veneers not only improve the aesthetic look of your smile, it also helps protect your teeth´s surface from damage and decay.